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GAR Academy 2021 Spring Semester: Seminars on Migration Studies 1

GAR Academy, which was initiated by the Association for Migration Research (GAR), continues in the 2021 spring semester with four "Seminars on Migration Studies" by GAR-associate academicians.

GAR Academy has funded in June 2020 with the intention of providing a space for free and innovative knowledge, which shall be produced without profit-orientation or pressures from institutionality as well as in egalitarian, comprehensive and accessible conditions. In this new path, GAR Academy aims to deepen critical and scientific knowledge, to offer content from an interdisciplinary approach and broader spectrum of topics. While universities as an institution face a deep crisis, the Academy would like to serve as a hub to think and discuss on the methodologies of how to produce and distribute through independent channels free, universal and qualified knowledge on migration studies, which appears as one of the most critical areas of research in the 21st century.

During the pandemic we are passing through, online courses have become widespread and the trainings GAR Academy has introduced were attended by more than 800 people from 14 countries, including 56 provinces of Turkey. Thanks to the positive feedback and demands, we have decided to move on with new courses and seminar-series in 2021.

The first four modules of the 2021 Spring Semester entitled as “Seminars on Migration Studies 1” will be conducted only in Turkish and online via Zoom every Tuesday in April at 18:00.


6 April 2021- “Introduction to Migration Studies” - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz Sert
13 April 2021 - “Methodology in Migration Studies” - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Didem Danış
20 April 2021 - “Migration and Law” - Dr. Neva Övünç Öztürk
27 April 2021 - “Migration and Culture” – Dr. Besim Can Zırh

Conditions for participation

The seminars are available only in Turkish. This program is open for everybody to apply, who are interested in migration studies. A certificate of participation will be given to those who have attended at least three seminars out of four.

Application and registration form (available only in Turkish)

Association for Migration Research (GAR) (English)

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The e-book edited by Kristen Biehl and Didem Danış is the final product of the same-titled conference which took place in İstanbul on May 3, 2019. The book contains studies of Saniye Dedeoğlu and Çisel Ekiz Gökmen, Canan Uçar, Hilal Sevlü, Seda Gönül, Hasret Saygı, Selin Altunkaynak Vodina, Meriç Çağlar Chesley and Mert Koçak; and it is is dedicated to Professor Ferhunde Özbay who passed away in 2015.


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