FES Turkey

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Turkey Office

Since 1988, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung has been committed to strengthening the cooperative dialogue between political stake holders and civil society in Turkey. FES is organizing workshops, seminars, lectures and international conferences in collaboration with local, regional and national partner organizations; not only in Istanbul and Ankara, but also in many towns and cities of Anatolia.

Partners of FES Turkey are mainly civil society organizations, universities and research institutes, trade unions, associations, the parlament and ministries, local administrations, journalists and other media representatives as well as international organizations.

Women and Gender

Gender equality and equal participation of all parts of the population within society is a key topic of FES. FES cooperates with women organizations and LGBTI+ organizations to organize activities which make aware of the situation in the country and try to find approaches to solve certain problems. Public relations, education, consultations and publications are used as instruments for our work.


FES supports universities and NGOs which are working in the field of youth education and youth employment as well as promote the participation of the youth in political decision-making processes. With the help of our own Youth Program, we aim to educate young politicians and NGO representatives in order to strengthen their engagement and commitment in politics.


Freedom of speech and freedom of press are important and nonnegotiable human rights in a democracy. FES Turkey supports media projects which promote these freedoms. To achieve this, FES Turkey is cooperating with NGOs within the media landscape as well as insitutions of the press. The work of the academia is also supported. Proposals for solutions of challenges in the media sector will be made during all projects.

FES Turkey is registered as a representation of a foreign organization under the Turkish Law on Associations (Law No: 5253) at the Ministry of Interior. The foundation is liable to account to the German as well as the Turkish authorities and is examined on a regular basis with regards to its activities and finances.

The work of FES Turkey is supported by the financial resources of the headquarter and will be assessed by the Foreign Ministry of Economic Coorperation and Development in Germany. 10 staff members are working at the FES offices in Istanbul and Ankara.

Turkey Office

Istanbul Office
+90 212 310 82 37
+90 212 258 70 91

Ankara Office
+90 312 441 85 96


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