"Voices from DEMOS" Podcast Series

"What do the latest reports on democracy and human rights encompass? What are the recent studies in the field of critical peace studies and transitional justice? What can we learn from other people on their experiences of peace? How shall we evaluate political grassroots movements through which victims and subaltern becomes subjects?"

DEMOS Research Association for Peace, Democracy and Alternative Politics initiated in cooperation with FES a podcast series where they elaborate on contemporary issues such as human rights in Turkey and worldwide, peace processes, transitional justice, social memory, gender from a critical perspective. Podcasts can be reached via links below or via the DEMOS website.

The Role of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the Struggle for Peace and Turkey’s Kurdish Conflict

22 March 2021

Transitional Jusice (2) - Gender

7 March 2021

Conflict Dynamics in the Middle East and the Kurdish Issue (2)

16 November 2020

Conflict Dynamics in the Middle East and the Kurdish Issue (1)

7 November 2020

Transitional Justice (1) - Formal Mechanisms

30 September 2020

The Kurdish Issue, Peace Processes in Turkey and Civil Society

1 September 2020

Colonial Statues and Dealing With The Past

26 June 2020

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