Democracy and Human Rights

A strong democracy worldwide - based on the basic values freedom, justice and solidarity - is a desirable goal of our work. Social democracy wants the same rights for all; no matter of the heritage, sex and social background.

The first branch deals with Democracy ans Human Rigths. By providing political education and facilitating the discussion on topics such as human, citizen, and especially women’ rights, the FES tries to support the process of democratization in Turkey. Similarly, we try to bring forward social democratic values. In addition, strengthening independent stakeholders in the media, civil society and judiciary is a crucial task of our projects we try to realize this aim by organizing trainings, seminars, conferences, and by publishing books.


Monday, 02.11.2020 - Friday, 20.11.2020
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Die Schulen der sozialen Demokratie sind eine der wichtigsten jährlichen Veranstaltungen, die unsere Stiftung in Zusammenarbeit mit ihren Partnern…



NLTR’s Online Workshops: New Media Journalism


Friday, 01.05.2020 - Monday, 01.06.2020

Medyapod’s Online Seminars: How to Produce Podcast?


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