Foreign Policy, Regional Cooperation and Peace

FES aims to support for building constructive dialog between Turkey and its neighbors such as the European Union as well as for strengthening Turkey’s well-functioning, cooperation-oriented relations.

Incorporating a social justice dimension in globalization; fostering regional peace and security by supporting human rights, democracy, pluralism and development at the local level are main principles of our international work.

By using our network of foreign offices and partners worldwide, we strive to facilitate public debates on policy recommendations for international conflicts as well as to increase regional dialogue and possibilities for solidarity.

One of our aspirations is to warrant humane living conditions for refugees and migrants, who have been forced to leave their countries due to regional conflicts and inequalities. Besides, our primary goals include progression in Turkey-Europe integration process, further development of the neighborhood policy of the European Union, revitalization of transatlantic relations and global governance networks.


Tuesday, 06.04.2021 - Tuesday, 27.04.2021 - Online

GAR Academy, which was initiated by the Association for Migration Research (GAR), continues in the 2021 spring semester with four "Seminars on…



Virtual Conferences in the Days of Corona are organized by TARGET (Agricultural and Food Ethics Association of Turkey) and supported by FES Turkey


Turkey Office

Istanbul Office
+90 212 310 82 37
+90 212 258 70 91

Ankara Office
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